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Obama Lashes Out at Republicans, Corporate Jets and Talk Radio Over Debt

The biggest crybaby in America is man-child who also happens to be the president. During his 35 minutes of verbal diarrhea, President Barack Hussein Obama proved he can't handle the pressure of the most important job in the world. This was apparent through his lashing out at anyone that opposes his demented views of increasing the taxes on the wealthy Americans that produce jobs, but also his compulsive lying and fear mongering to scare the living death out of the elderly. The takeaway from the press conference? Obama doesn't believe in compromise; he believes in his way or the highway. And when addressing GOP leadership, the White House nor the Democrats have proposed any debt ceiling plans. As the CBO points out, you can't score a speech.

Obama's entire press conference was unbelievable, including the liberal press pool that asked the most pathetic softball questions. On two occasions, Obama cited corporate jets and talk radio as the problems facing America. His obsession with corporate jets is borderline insane because they aren't hurting America; his liberal policies are. Corporate jets are mentioned solely for class warfare to attack the wealthy. Whoever is doing his focus group polling needs new candidates. And talk radio? It was mentioned because Obama has unbelievably thin skin and cannot accept criticism. If Obama was truly the leader of a totalitarian regime, which we know he'd like to be, he would silence the opposition. He believes his message is the only one that needs to get out. He and Hugo Chavez have a great deal in common.

The president said he's going to release the tic-toc details of the backdoor, politburo negotiations. This will be good, but only if it includes the details of the entitlement reductions that Obama allegedly claims to have made, which we doubt he ever did. The bigger point is that these negotiations should have never taken place behind the scenes. This is America, not the Soviet Union. We'd also love to see the letters he cited and claimed to have received because it's almost guaranteed they're propaganda.

Moving on the compulsive lying and the demagoguery, it was sickening how America's leader lashed out at Republicans. His claims that the debt ceiling would be raised on the backs of the elderly and poor under the GOP plan is a flat-out lie, and he knows it. But that's the Democratic plan for 2012: Mediscare. God forbid Obama look in the mirror and ask whether his extreme liberal policies have hurt the elderly or the poor, policies which have racked up more debt than all other presidents put together. Let's not forget how unemployment has risen under his incredible leadership.

His calls for shared sacrifice is not transparent. What Obama means is that he wants the wealthy to bend over and take it to address the deficit. He hates the rich and has publicly waged a war on them. The better solution would be to tax the 51% of Americans that don't pay any taxes!

Ultimately, the coup de grace was Obama summoning House Speaker John Boehner to the White House tomorrow morning to discuss the debt ceiling. He has no right to do that because each branch of government is separate. This is not a Banana Republic. Obama is not Boehner's dad or boss, but it showed his contempt for the Speaker and how narcissistic he really is.

It's shocking to look back and actually take it in that President Obama held a press conference purely on emotion. This article is an emotional response to the man-child that needs to grow up and grow a pair, so it lacks structure, just like Obama's attack on the GOP. In the end, this lashing out at Republicans was expected because Obama doesn't have a plan. It's natural to lash out when you know you're losing. Kudos to John Boehner for ending the talks, which forced Obama to show America how unstable and incompetent he is.

Justin Credible is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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