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Agreement Reached on Debt Ceiling; Marco Rubio Blasts Democrats

The weekend served as a friendly reminder that although the media is portraying Republicans as bitterly divided, the Democrats are utterly clueless and disorganized. Last night, President Obama made another one of his countless speeches, where he tried to come across as the great uniter, despite not having a plan and only contributing diatribe about corporate jets in the debt ceiling debate. The net out? There's a new plan that's supported by the walking disorder Harry Reid and John Boehner that cuts about $2.8 trillion, with $1.2 trillion in cuts up front. There are likely more modifications to come, but another meaningless bicameral committee will be set up to discuss further cuts down the road.

The socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I - VT) doesn't like the deal because the so-called rich aren't taxed. The House Progressive Caucus, which has over 70 members that desperately miss the Soviet Union, doesn't support the new bipartisan deal. So it appears again that Democrats have zero interest in getting America's fiscal house in order. One of the options that Obama supported raised the debt ceiling without addressing spending, show how his big spending ideology remains at his core. The liberal Republicans can thank the Tea Party members of Congress who forced the GOP to hold their line. And in reality, if liberals are peeved about the bill, that's a net positive for America.

Both the Republican and Democrat caucuses will be meeting today to discuss the details. However, this process is the same garbage that's now standard in Washington. The debt ceiling bill was put together behind closed doors by a politburo, with the American people having little knowledge of the details. That's not how the system is supposed to work, but it's how the Obama administration operates. Now that a bill has been put together, Congress will be forced to vote on it without having adequate time to review it, similar to most of the major, extreme bills put forward by the White House and pushed by the liberal ilk in Congress. Never let a crisis go to waste is certainly the motto of this administration, even sans the creepy ballerina, Rahm Emanuel.

Freshman Senator Marco Rubio (R - FL), who's a rising star of the Republican party, took up this issue on Saturday, and stuck it pretty good to John "D-Student" Kerry, who's certainly part of the problem. Rubio outlined the necessary facts that Democrats need to be kindly reminded of, including President Obama, who's memory doesn't recall his stance on the debt ceiling back in 2006. Check out this video and be reminded that it's people like Rubio who kept the establishment Republicans in check during this debate.

Cliff Levine is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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