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Obama Debt Ceiling Speech Wages Class Warfare on Wealthy

Despite what you think, it's actually not Groundhog Day. Late yesterday, President Obama summoned the press to pontificate about the debt ceiling for the seventh time since the beginning of June. Last night, Obama actually appeared to be presidential, something that was non-existent at his Friday press conference, where his inner man-child showed up to blame Republicans, corporate jets and talk radio for the debt ceiling fallout. The president's speech was purely partisan, with the focus of blaming his predecessor, George W. Bush, and that tone remained. It seems like somebody didn't get their toy this weekend at the toy store because Obama was still whining and blaming his opposition. We've yet to count how many times 'I' was mentioned, but in the meantime, here's a recap of his speech.

If anybody has a secured job in this White House, it's the people that run the corporate jet focus groups. These were mentioned again, along with the standard rhetoric of the oil companies and wealthy Americans not needing tax cuts and how they need to share the sacrifice. Yawn. His tone, although less-whiny and more professional from Friday, was ultimately the same: class warfare on the wealthy, while blaming the GOP as a roadblock. He even mentioned millionaires and billionaires again, which, when translated, means any American making more than $200,000 a year, which ultimately hurts small business owners and employment.

Obama's speech opened with a statement that he took office with a $1 trillion deficit - which isn't true, it was much higher - but that his predecessor had a surplus that was spent on new tax cuts - which increased federal revenue - and on two wars. Absolutely Bush spent too much, but we didn't see any Democrats complaining, and, judging by their drunken spending binge, they're really looking to blame the GOP for their mess. And let's be honest, there hasn't been a surplus in 50 years. Adding the unfunded liabilities for entitlements, the U.S. is trillions of dollars in the red.

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The shift in tone went towards fear mongering, where Barry Soetoro stated that if Congress doesn't pass a debt ceiling bill by August 2, senior citizens won't get their Social Security checks. This is actually a choice because the federal government will have enough money to pay their interest on the debt, as well as Social Security, veterans benefits, etc. Fear is the emotion Obama and Democrats are using to push their lack of a plan, which fails to address spending cuts.

After scaring the elderly, Obama went right back after the wealthy, where he asked the wealthiest Americans and corporations to pay more by removing tax loopholes. This is where his attack on corporate jet owners appeared once again. One would think corporate jet owners are more of threat than terrorism, as they've been the focus of nearly all deficit speeches given by our incompetent leader. He pushed for Senate Majority Leader and walking disorder Harry Reid's debt ceiling plan, which actually includes money not spent in Afghanistan, thus not being a real spending cut. What's amazing is that the Democrats finally decided to put together a bill with just eight days before the August 2 deadline, showing their concern with the issue.

Despite invoking Ronald Reagan, Obama did not complete his mission of appealing to moderates. The partisan bickering is getting annoying to people, especially because the facts are not on the side of the Democrats. Cut, Cap and Balance does not gut Medicare, as Schmucky Schumer claims it does. The better fact to point out is that every single Senate Democrat voted to cut $500 billion from Medicare when they rammed Obamacare down the throats of the American people. How's that for Mediscare?

President Obama is the one that's political posturing to ensure there isn't another debt ceiling vote before the 2012 election because he's knows it's a fight he can't win. Government stimulus and tax increases will not fix the economy or reduce the deficit. Even a community agitator should understand that, though, it's whether he wants to understand it. In part, many Democrats see the lack of passed bill as a benefit to demonize Republicans, even though it won't have been there fault.

The bigger issue at play is ideology and the fact that Democrats will have a tough time pushing their social justice policies after the 2012 election. America is a capitalist society that wasn't built with government handouts. If you don't like it, you don't have to stay. There are no gulags and individuals can come and go as they please. But realize this, to the liberal readers, history is not on the side of the policies they're pushing for. Granted, liberalism has no rearview mirror, but that doesn't mean America needs to be "fundamentally transformed."

House Speaker John Boehner responded to Obama's speech and laid out the framework that the White House has been working so hard to spin. Boehner called Obama out on his many lies, but there's still much more work to do. All told, Obama's speech was the same name-calling we've heard for so long, with the same push for taxing job creators. If he had spoken to Harry Reid, Obama would know that there aren't tax increases in his plan, so he's going to be disappointed when his war against the wealthy doesn't get fully implemented.

We predict a deal will be made and that America's credit rating will still be reduced because of the lack of attention on reducing the spending and the deficit. And if you saw how the president looked - tired, aging - this was Obama's Nixon moment.

Darrell Lect is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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