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Obama Attends Church with Muslim Guest Speaker

A few interesting things have been reported since President Obama's rare church attendance yesterday and they will only feed the "Obama is a Muslim" conspiracy that affects 25% of Americans.  At St. John's Episcopal Church, the Obama's went to church for the third time this year.  Some believe that the White House and the brains behind the administration essentially forced Obama to attend service to reduce the perception that too many Americans believe the president is Muslim.  But what's not being reported is that Dr. Ziad Asali, a Muslim, was a guest speaker at the church yesterday.

Reported by The Post & Email, Dr. Ziad Asali, founder and president of the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), which is described as a "non-profit, non-partisan organization based in D.C.," spoke yesterday at St. John's Episcopal Church at 10am.  The speech focused "Prospects of the two-state solution in the Middle East." Ending the Middle East conflict is supposedly a top priority for ATFP, even though radical Islam doesn't recognize Israel as a state and their ultimate goal is a world of Muslim extremists.  The ATFP is likely has an ulterior motive.

Service started at 9am, followed by the speech at 10am.  We know that the First Family left at 8:49am according to the White House press pool, but it's unknown what time they left the church.  Is it possible that the Prophet-in-Chief stuck around to hear the Muslim speak?  Absolutely.  Will this drive those that believe Obama is a Muslim insane?  Absolutely.  Could this just be a ridiculous coincidence that wasn't well thought out by senior advisors?  Absolutely.  The real story here is that the mainstream liberal media ignored this juicy little detail, but that's just expected.

What's interesting are the debates on why Obama attended the service instead of playing golf.  He has an image issue with one-quarter of the American population who think he's a Muslim.  You decide why he attended a Christian church yesterday.  To our best knowledge, Rev. Jeremiah Wright wasn't substituting the service.

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