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Barney Frank and the Skeletons in his Closet

In his own words, Barney Frank will never be in the majority because he's a "gay, left-handed Jew."  He's currently the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and you can thank him for a big portion of the housing mess, considering his former lover was a top exec at Fannie Mae from '91 to '98.

When his lover left Fannie, their relationship ended.  But Frank declared that his personal relationship didn't create a conflict of interest.  Yet this scum-bag has been in Congress for over 25 years.  And should we time travel back to 1989?  Here's an article from Time magazine. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,958598,00.html

Did you know that Barney Frank had an affair with a male prostitute?  The prostitute was also under probation for possession of child pornography and some other disgusting crime, a real class act.  Well Frank hired this whore to be his driver and pulled all sorts of favors for him to keep the whore out of trouble.  You know what this hooker was also doing?  Using Franks home as a male whorehouse!

And Frank is one of the many who has the audacity to bark at the Wall Street execs for their misconduct!  Below is a transcript from the hearing of the House Financial Services Committee from late February 2009.  How dare he discuss ethics and point fingers at anyone but himself.

The media has been successful in pointing the blame at the Bush administration but seem to forget the fact that Bush and his administration called for more oversight numerous times while Fannie and Freddie grew their subprime portfolio.  Banks would be considered racist if they didn't make loans to virtually anyone - even those with little to no money.  Barney Frank pushed hard for this and he got what he wanted.

To quote the Constitution, American's are given "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."  Nowhere in the Constitution does it state Americans have the right to own a home.

Here's the transcript:

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