White House, Democrats to Run on Fear and Misinformation in 2012

Over the past month or so, Democrats and the White House have changed their tune, particularly when it comes to basic issues.  They have been lashing out, making asinine and violent comments about their opposition, which is nothing new, but it's been at an unprecedented level.  Just yesterday, the White House released economic numbers that weren't pretty: unemployment wouldn't fall below 9% before the 2012 presidential election.  That's not good news for the White House when the number one issue for the American people is the economy, but it certainly shows that the economy is something that they can't tout.  Instead, top democratic operatives, in coordination with the White House and liberal special interest groups, have developed a new message for the election season and its focus is fear and scare tactics, because their record certainly can't get mentioned.

Byron York, a conservative writer and senior political analyst at the Washington Examiner, wrote a brilliant article yesterday about how liberals are spending an extraordinary amount of time painting their Republican opposition as religious wackos that will actually fundamentally transform America, despite never touting that phrase, unlike President Barack Hussein Obama.  York touches on how Democrats are running on fear, particularly because 'hope' is something that is long gone and 'change' did happen - from a legislative perspective - but not in how the government operates.

"Put aside whether there is some bias against Christianity in these baseless charges, or whether liberals are proposing the kind of religious test for office that the Founders explicitly rejected. It has often been remarked that, given today's terrible economy, Barack Obama cannot run in 2012 on the theme of hope, as he did in 2008. With his record, he'll have to run on fear -- that is, on convincing voters that Republicans are just too scary to elect."

York is spot on.  Fear is an emotion that is one of the most marketable.  And let's face it, Democrats have no excuse for their pathetic performance in office.  They ran a totalitarian regime for two years while they controlled both houses of Congress and the Executive Branch.  During that time, they focused on paying their union constituents back and social justice issues.  The economy was irrelevant because they believed they were sent here to fundamentally transform America into a socialist dystopia.  Obamacare, Cap and Trade, the phony union payback stimulus bill, Wall Street Reform and Card Check was their focus.  Unfortunately for America, two of those bills became laws and they will fundamentally transform America that will take it on a path of destruction.

Referencing the past few months, we've seen Vice Idiot Joe Biden call the Tea Party, an overwhelmingly large number of Americans, terrorists, top black lawmakers have told the Tea Party to "go to hell" and that they'd want to see blacks "hanging on a tree."  This is all a coordinated effort, along with attacking the wealthy.  Realistically, they're scared to death of the Tea Party because it doesn't have a single face and it isn't a political party, which makes attacking it more difficult, though, it's still attacked.  There will not be an ounce of positive remarks from Democrats this campaign season, as they've contributed nothing positive to America in the past four years.  Instead, they'll demonize their opposition and lie every chance they have.

York's column also mentions how some of Obama's Brown Shirts over at the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress, an extreme liberal special interest group that wrote significant portions of the stimulus bill, are out on the campaign trail working on exposing the fear they plan to use in campaigns.  It's all about these fake 'gotcha' moments, again, because Democrats have nothing else in their arsenal.  

"Elsewhere on the trail, so-called "trackers" from the liberal think tank Center for American Progress, David Brock's American Bridge, and other organizations follow Republicans around, sometimes posing out-of-the-blue questions in hopes of throwing a candidate off message. 'It's all about homosexuality, Islam, anything that is remotely sensitive socially,' says Ellen Carmichael, spokeswoman for frequent target Herman Cain. 'That's what they usually ask about.'"

2012 will either be the beginning or the end of America's prosperity.  The extremely radical left is only concerned about staying in power because they've realized that once they're done, Americans will never vote them into office again, after seeing how they've destroyed the country to a point beyond recognition.  Hopefully, most Americans aren't stupid enough to fall for the same 'hope' and 'change' garbage that was lauded by the liberal media in 2008.  It's going to get ugly and that's because Democrats have nothing to base their arguments on; they've been complete and utter failures since taking office and their record proves it.  They will be on the defensive for the entire campaign trail, promoting lies and disinformation so that Americans will hopefully forget about the awful situation that they've put them in.

This will be one of, if not the most important elections in American history.  It's the last chance that America has before losing every single ideal that once made it the greatest nation in the world.

Justin Credible is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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