Paul Ryan's Budget Proposal Gets Immediate Criticism from Nancy Pelosi

It's been awhile since we've heard from the turd that won't flush known as Nancy Pelosi.  Earlier today, Congressman Paul Ryan (R - WI), chairman of the House Budget Committee, unveiled his proposal to eliminate the country's debt while still preserving costly entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security.  Ryan's proposal is the first serious attempt to tackle one of the biggest problems facing America.  In typical Democratic response, the demagogue Nancy Pelosi used it as an opportunity to attack her opposition through Twitter.

@NancyPelosi: The #GOP Ryan budget is a path to poverty for America's seniors & children and a road to riches for big oil #GOPvalues

Democrats have yet to bring a serious proposal to the table regarding America's deficit.  This was obvious when they didn't even propose a budget last year.  The primary reason for this is that they don't care; they're more interested in advancing their extreme liberal agenda, which only explodes the deficit.  In his two years in office with a Democrat-controlled Congress, the undocumented President Obama increased the deficit by well over a trillion dollars.  He doesn't intent to change.

Paul Ryan has done what Democrats have refused to do because they have other priorities.  The passage of Obamacare, which will cost several trillions of dollars, well, Democrats consider this a budget reduction.  Adding a massive new entitlement program won't reduce the deficit.  Unfortunately for liberals, logic isn't a trait they often possess.  Democrats are praying for a government shutdown because they will use it to demonize the opposition.  There comes a point when Americans need to realize that liberals politicize everything to increase their power and control.

Nancy Pelosi's office released this statement:

Following a long-honored tradition, Republicans are masking the true impact of just what the GOP FY 2012 budget will do.  Chairman Paul Ryan and the House Republicans may claim their budget leads us down a "Path to Prosperity," but the rhetoric doesn't match up with the reality.  Here are the facts on just what the GOP budget means for our country:

  • Path to eliminating guaranteed benefits for seniors under Medicare
  • Path to subsidies to oil companies and giveaways to special interests
  • Path to tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and companies that ship jobs overseas
  • Path to cuts in kids' education
  • Path to slashing support for seniors, children, and Americans with disabilities on Medicaid

Pelosi is a political whore.  That statement is not substantive and makes her look like bigger idiot than she already is.  She clearly didn't read the bill, but chose to drum up her extreme liberal base by lying.  Democrats have zero room to talk about special interest groups - they are in bed with the labor unions and have unconstitutionally used taxpayer dollars to pay back their supporters through the phony stimulus bill and provisions in Obamacare, including the waivers. Hell, it was special interest groups that wrote Obamacare and the phony $787 billion stimulus!

What's telling is that Pelosi, a socialist who refuses to use union labor at her vineyard, yet is a proponent of everyone else using unions, doesn't have a solution.  That goes for all Democrats.  All they want to do is demonize their opposition.  They're not leaders and they don't have a plan.  They use budget tricks and continuously lie to the American people about the bills they forced down our throats.  Under their direction, America would look like the Soviet Union within five years.  In just two years under these miscreants, America is already drastically different than it was in '08.

The Loyal Opposition is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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