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Obama Jets to Denmark; Set to Pitch Chicago Special Olympics Bid for 2016

To cheers of "pizza party, pizza party!" President Obama is preparing to leave for Denmark with First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey to pitch his bid for Chicago to hold the 2016 Special Olympics.  President Obama has dropped all important issues including the war in Afghanistan and healthcare reform as he focuses on what's most important for America: bringing the Special Olympics to Chicago.

After Obama's widely popular Special Olympic joke back in March on the Jay Leno Show, he's been full steam ahead to bring the games to Chicago.  Obama and a group of about 50 really 'special' kids will take Air Force One to Copenhagen later this week to show his support for the games.

Air Force One has been undergoing severe modifications in preparations to the trip.  White House staffers have reported that all seats have been coated with special booger resistant covers and drool cups on each individual armrest.  President Obama explained, "I'm excited to hang out with these great kids on our 10 hour flight to Denmark.  It'll give me a chance to inform them about important issues in America and how literally anyone can become President."

President Obama also had this to say;

"Are the cameras still on?  Okay, good.  Honestly, what will I do the entire flight?  I'm going to lock myself in my bedroom.  As far as anyone becoming President of the United States?  Sure, I'll be happy to tell that them....right after I tell them that they'd better learn how not to act like 'tards all of the time.  Give me a break.  I'm just trying to take attention off of healthcare reform.  I've asked Vice President Biden to ride shotgun with them the entire trip.  They'll easily relate to him.  Have you seen that one kid with the huge lip?  I'm not going near him!  Wait, are the cameras are still on?  Well, this is off the record."

The White House has confirmed that Vice President Biden is equipped with a complete stash of balloons and fart jokes to entertain the mentally challenged on board during the flight.  Biden said

"I look forward to sharing some of my hilarious fart and cootie jokes.  It'll be a nice change of pace considering Rham [Emanual] and David [Axelrod] never want to hear them.  I'm excited to be around a group of people that I can legitimately relate to.  If the 'special' kids are good, I've promised them a big 'special' pizza party at the White House."

President Obama responded,

"Joe promised them what at the White House?!"

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