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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (December 18, 2010) Habledash.com is proud to announce that they have surpassed 200,000 viewers in their first full year of operation.  The website, which reports on hot political topics with a fair dose of inappropriate commentary, has been running since September of '09.  With a small staff, the team works together outside of their day jobs to expose what the liberals in Washington are up to on a daily basis.

"This is a significant milestone," says Chuck Justice, Habledash's editor-in-chief.  "The concept of this site came to fruition after Barack Hussein Obama was elected president - we couldn't understand how the American people could vote for someone with such a radical past; someone they knew nothing about because of severe vetting by the liberal media.  A lot of hard work is put into the site, which we're always improving."

Habledash's tag line is "Political Insight.  Inappropriate Humor" and they do deliver on that message.  Over the past year, the Inappropriate Humor section, which was originally dedicated to fake news, similar to The Onion, took a different direction.  Due to the increased popularity of the site, the Inappropriate Humor aspect now comes in the form of the endless satirical comments.

"We had to choose our priorities," says the writer who refused to provide his real name and only goes by The Loyal Opposition.  "Everyday we hear about the next thing that Democrats are trying to take over, regulate, shut down, etc.  There's nothing funny about that because of the impact on the country.  So instead, we drop to their level every now and then to prove how mentally ill liberals really are, and it's done a language that they certainly can understand.  It's not funny if it's not inappropriate."

The Loyal Opposition has by far created the most controversy for the site, but also some of the biggest debates.  He's to be thanked for death threats directed to the site, as well as a few conversations with the FBI due to threats made to public officials through the site.

Justice said he and his team will continue to work hard in 2011 and beyond.

"The fight is never over with the Left, which is why we'll continue to be diligent in our reporting and expose what liberals are really trying to do to America.  We'd like to thank our fans because they keep us going everyday.  Since the site is not our primary job, it's good to have an additional tool for motivation.  We will continue to satisfy the needs of our viewers with political insight and, as always, inappropriate humor."


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