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2011 was an incredible year in so many ways.  Last year on this day, we chose to name the 2010 Person of the Year, which was given to the Stuxnet virus.  However, this year warrants a slightly different approach because America is on a downward path that won't be able to be corrected unless Barack Obama is defeated, and because some very interesting things happened to Habledash over the course of the year, which we will share in further detail below.  It's just another year, but offers us an opportunity to reflect back on the news that helped shape our culture and society, for better or worse.

First and foremost, it needs to be stated that liberalism is a mental disorder.  These people believe in robbing Peter to pay Paul, and that is simply un-American.  It's a common theme as we wind through some of the biggest stories this year.  Please note, we know that things will be forgotten on this list, as it's top of mind.  We find it best to look back, without any research, and recall the most important stories of the year.

  • The shooting of Congressperson Gabby Giffords:  This event started 2011, unfortunately.  Without going into the sad details, we saw President Obama, Democrats in Congress and the incestuous liberal media blame conservatives for the shooting.  The shooter, the mentally ill Jared Loughner, turned out to be a liberal, but the liberal media refused to share that.  Instead, they worked diligently to place blame on Glenn Back, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin and others.  Disgusting doesn't even describe this.  The narrative was formed from here on out; the shooting of Gabby Giffords gave Democrats a talking point that they'd use up until the election in 2012.
  • The Japanese Tsunami:  What an awful event caused by mother nature - not global warming.  It was simply devastating.  However, it gave enviro-Nazi liberals ammunition to attack nuclear energy.
  • The Wisconsin Labor and Teacher Union Protests:  America has a problem with unions and it couldn't have been more apparent with the degenerates in Wisconsin.  Teachers were acting like thugs, defacing public property, comparing Scott Walker to Hitler and Republicans to Nazi's, and protesters even threatened the lives of Republican State Senators.  For what, you ask?  So they wouldn't have to pay a dime for their massive Cadillac health care and pension plans.  This was on the of the most disgusting acts in recent memory, until Occupy Wall Street showed up later in the year.  This was the best example of the entitlement mentality of liberalism in recent history.  And many of them were teachers.  Parents, hide your children.
  • The Death of Osama bin Laden:  Great work, President Obama.  It's just too baD that you had nothing to do with this, other than getting called off of the golf course for a photo op.  We did learn, however, that the plan was put in place to kill bin Laden without Obama's knowledge because the top military brass didn't know if he'd sign off on it.  Pathetic.
  • The Debt Ceiling Crisis:  Republicans are hostage takers that want to see women raped - that's a slight paraphrase of comments from President Obama and VIce President Joe Biden, our country's alleged leaders.  We say alleged because it's unconscionable that world leaders would make such horrendous comments.  This narrative continues:  anyone that opposes the liberal view is a threat to America.  Oh, and corporate jet owners are the most evil people in the world.
  • The Arab Spring:  This is what happens when America supports something they don't understand: Islamic extremists take over control.  History will judge the Arab Spring as an event that should have been handled differently, as radical Islam now has a new safe haven in the Middle East.
  • Occupy Wall Street:  If I had to chose the Person of the Year, I would have picked the same person as the losers at TIME Magazine: the protester.  Why?  Because it's the perfect depiction of liberalism.  They're disgusting human beings; taking dumps on police cars; raping women and allowing pedophiles to attend events.  These people shouldn't even be classified as human.  They're sub-human; complete scum.  The tone was set in Wisconsin with the union thugs and was followed through with OWS:  I am entitled to everything you've worked hard for, despite me being a piece of trash that is too lazy to work.  America is on the precipice of collapse because of the ideology of OWS.
  • The Death of Steve Jobs:  America lost the modern day Albert Einstein.  Jobs changed the world in ways that most people fail to recognize.  He transformed personal computing, the music industry, the mobile phone industry, the print media industry, the animation and movie industry, to name a few.  He was the icon of what an American can do if they try hard and aren't afraid to fail, something that is no longer taught.  Instead, we're all supposed to believe we deserve something from someone else.  Steve Jobs will be missed, but like all geniuses, his legacy will live on forever.

Those are my top-of-mind major events from 2011.  Now, some news on Habledash.

What a year we had....and that doesn't even describe it.  Creating Habledash came to mind after Obama was elected because I wanted to help spread the word about this inexperienced community organizer.  This is not a full-time job; it's something that's worked on outside of our day jobs.  Most stories are written the night before or early in the morning.  Our motivation is simple: America will be destroyed with four more years of Obama.

2011 was memorable for many reasons: our site was majorly hacked two times (nobody here is a web developer - we're learning along the way) and we hit new traffic heights that we'd never dreamed of.  Here are some quick stats:

  • Over 1.3 million page views
  • Almost 500,000 unique visitors
  • Over 20 articles on the homepage of GOOGLE NEWS

Those were milestones we'd never dreamed of.  But with success always comes failure, but a different kind of failure.  After our site was hacked a second time, we switched web hosts and invested more money in a better, more reliable service.  The result was something unexpected: our search engine optimization (SEO) skyrocketed.  Now, our site was always picked up in Google News and had good SEO, but we were never placed on the homepage of Google News.  Apparently, our old servers didn't have the horsepower to handle that.  This resulted in a 500% increase in website traffic and, unfortunately, a spotlight on Habledash.  

We had the usual death threats and incoherent hate mail, but that was all tolerable.  What happened next wasn't expected: there was a coordinated effort by the Left to delist Habledash from Google News.  Simply Google Habledash and you'll see.  This involved the Daily Kos, the modern day website for both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, asking their members to contact Google and have us delisted.  It also involved liberals going to the Google News blog to complain about our website.  Which they did, and it worked.  We were removed from Google News at the beginning of August.  Google said we didn't meet their standards, which is categorically false.  We meet their standards to a T and have since the site launched.  We tried resubmitting the site, which is why we changed our website slogan, but they claimed it didn't meet their standards.  They are lying; complaints had to do with the conservative nature of Habledash, which they don't like.

What does that mean?  It means that our website traffic will only be a small fraction of what it was (and it's already dropped significantly).  There's certainly less motivation from a page view perspective, but our goal is to help get the word out to defeat Obama in 2012 - that's not going to change.  

The takeaway from this situation is that the liberal machine will stop at nothing to oppress information and silence the opposition.  It also proves that Google's motto of "Don't Be Evil" is complete bullshit.  They are a liberal company at heart; Eric Schmidt practically sleeps in Obama's bed, along with Andy Stern of the SEIU.

So, 2011 was certainly interesting.  2012, though, is the year that will decide whether or not America becomes a European socialist nation that cannot be transformed.  

From everyone at Habledash, have a happy and healthy New Year's!  And most of all, thank you!

Chuck Justice is the editor-in-chief for Habledash.


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